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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 13th news, the same day on the same day in March 11th, Tencent and Ali announced the same business, the two sides are working with CITIC Bank launched the country’s first online credit card. This is really a good coincidence, "taxi war" has just begun to stop, this credit card network will turn the fire! It is said that the Alipay credit card will be launched in the next week, WeChat credit card is still in the closed beta stage, will soon launch.


network credit card is what? I don’t know whether WeChat or Alipay, because credit cards are not out of. According to reports, the Alipay cooperation network with CITIC CITIC Bank credit card credit card payment degree, but with the traditional bank issued credit card audit, payment mode is very different, consumers concern CITIC Bank public number in the Alipay wallet, through public instant online application number, instant approved, and support consumers to get rid of the shackles of the entity the card, after the application is approved, will have to get the card number online Alipay opened fast payment, you can carry out online shopping, mobile payment and other consumer.

According to the official information provided by the

, the user can apply online credit card online, you can also apply for the corresponding online credit card. CITIC Bank will be based on the user’s personal credit information to decide whether or not to approve the application entity card. If you meet the eligibility conditions for physical cards, CITIC will form a physical credit card express delivery to the user. This entity can be a credit card and other entities like credit cards, online shop credit card spending.


application for all credit card information in WeChat, WeChat users can directly apply for a credit card in my bank card interface, bank card users have not previously bound, can directly enter the application page for information. The Tencent and China CITIC Bank big data verification, CITIC bank granted some credit for any WeChat online payment, pay down the line scan code, WeChat payment scenarios (except only savings card scene).

credit line, WeChat credit card is divided into three grades: 50 yuan, $200 and 1000-5000 yuan. Alipay network credit card 200 yuan credit line started, credit limit based on personal networks to decide, generally the highest 5000, if the consumer records and particularly good credit history, you can gradually increase the amount. Alipay said, specific to determine the amount of the approval by the online consumer records, such as the Alipay credit card, the higher the frequency of using Alipay credit data is more easier to get credits.

In fact,

from the above we see whether WeChat or Alipay’s credit cards are similar. Guotai Junan Securities banking analyst Qiu Guanhua pointed out that a leading credit card by the Internet revolution is coming, the first collaboration of Internet companies, commercial banks and insurance companies are expected to use the Internet and innovative profit model, to develop a new value of blue. "This is Alipay wallet open.

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