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Why is it

grassroots grassroots, grassroots interests are not guaranteed. My name is overweight, long fat, but the poor can contact the Internet for 05 years, and now is a grassroots! The day before yesterday at Admin5 see someone posted flat-share good brothers, I don’t know how he feels good. Within half a year for my brother flat-share server for the 6~10 IP site is then hung 3. I have been looking for them to discuss this change. They don’t say anything, I say they will refund, is down.

I don’t know why a few days ago, the brother said. Flat-share brother you really used his server? Or are you simply them to write the soft. This title means that the benefits of the grassroots I write can not guarantee. Because everyone is buying space with bank payment or Alipay what. Even the evidence can not be obtained. They said that the clearance on the IP for the change of IP. With conscience, said that within six months, more than 6 of the IP who can be affected by the site within six months to do a total of 3 sites are linked in turn. In July 26th the Internet IDC to seal the illegal information. During the Olympic Games led to a large number of servers were closed. A lot of space. Brother flat-share is certainly one of the. No way out。 And hung up fourth websites still dead.. It is important now in July 29th is still unable to restore data still can’t pull it out. A group of people are shouting refund. Of course the views of grassroots masses equal to P. they don’t listen. My literary talent is not good now very atmosphere. The gas belly hurts typing is not agile. Summarize the buy flat-share brothers, even if your site do better within a day can Liaodao. Ensure that the Baidu K cool, K uncomfortable, then Liaodao. Thanks to the Admin5 platform. But I don’t believe the truth. You can add the QQ group is the 20441437 brothers of their service they basically do not see the group. How to say how they play, how to play the anti.67054520 group. They are collecting all the evidence. This article is not to give up. Flat-share brothers for the benefits of the grassroots if you buy brothers flat-share space. Please carefully backup! Actually I have a lot of people search Baidu brothers flat-share precedent liar a lot of information proved that I am not talking nonsense. Related links: Wd=%D0%D6%B5%DC%BA%CF%D7%E2+%C6%AD%D7%D3& lm=0& si=& amp; rn=10& tn=myie2dg& ie=gb2312& ct=0& cl=3& f=1& rsp=1

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