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mobile Internet is developing like a raging fire, and mobile search is to speed up the trend, but still insiders believe that the current market is still in the eve of the outbreak. Around the mobile search in full swing, not only the traditional search engine Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou mobile terminal in Paibingbuzhen, also has in the past several years, mobile search search, easy to search, mobile is force; and immediately back to the people’s search, mobile and Xinhua News Agency’s panguso also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. Have to participate in the competition.

in the mobile search company behind, also has a series of risk investment institutions such as list: techventures, Softbank, LIAN, Chinese IDGVC sources, KPCB etc.. Some investors said that on the basis of mobile universal search, vertical search opportunities are emerging, these areas are also investors in the bet, began to look forward to the layout.

in the context of the booming mobile Internet, the search can continue the glory of the PC era, can become a new entrance, a mobile search war has just begun.

mobile search market behind the huge commercial value, the search will become one of the important entrance in the mobile internet. Although the development of mobile Internet and mobile search is also like a raging fire, rapid growth, but still insiders believe that the current market is still in the eve of the outbreak. For example, Baidu mobile cloud division deputy general manager Yue Guofeng believes that mobile search is needed to really mature, the emergence of new mobile Internet business model of success; and easou CEO Wang Xi also believes that what China Mobile most users use 3G Internet, mobile search will really broke.

mobile search highlights the value of

currently these mobile search companies and the Internet era, the search engine profit model is similar, mainly through keyword advertising.

on the mobile Internet, the search is in addition to the game business model is relatively clear application. Easou revenue reached 300 million yuan last year, depending on the keyword advertising and game software operations. Easy to check the last year including Japanese market, there are more than 200 million yuan in revenue, but also mobile revenue last year to tens of millions of yuan.

currently these mobile search companies and the Internet age search engine profit model is similar, mainly through keywords advertising, import traffic for customers.

we have a lot of small and micro enterprise customers, they do not even have a computer, only the phone on the internet." Mobile CEO Han Song said that the Internet and mobile Internet Ecosystem Ecology of different. Before the smart machine, many workers in the Pearl River Delta region to become active mobile Internet users, their needs and the needs of today’s smart phone users are not the same.

in the development of mobile search client, each enterprise basically take a more primitive and effective way to develop customers. Through the development of agent or the formation of offline channels to find customers, they provide a basket.

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