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December 22nd, Beijing finally get rid of days of haze, ushered in the blue sky and white clouds. Big sunny did not give 39 year old driver Chen Yue (a pseudonym) to bring a good mood. At one point, he came to have worked for 10 years, the imminent collapse of the unit, hastily signed a compensation agreement, and then again on the bus, to earn 300 dollars in the evening before going to work. As a foreign Laijingrenyuan, he has worked part-time for a year and a half net about car drivers, with the introduction of the new deal, after 5 months will decide on what path to follow but also can make nothing of it. Chen Yue born smiling face, so visibly optimistic for the future, he has a word, "and then think of other children".


is in the drive Chen Chen Yue, Shandong, about 170 meters tall stature, and gives the first impression that love to laugh, nearly the age of 40 he looked like is 30 years old.

he served in a sunset industry institutions, in December 15th, he was the last to receive the unit’s salary, 5000 yuan a little more, and his previous salary is at this level.

Chen has a son and a daughter, his wife at home to take care of the children, no work, family expenses all depend on him. Last May, he sold the car at a friend’s suggestion, the loan to buy a 110 thousand accord with the requirements of the operation car, and become a net about car drivers.

Spring Festival is the best time to almost 10 thousand monthly income, usually there are more than my salary is higher than seven thousand or eight thousand. Now less subsidies, the average monthly income of four thousand or five thousand, but it is almost the same as my salary." Chen Yue told reporters in Beijing, because the unit is not good, he has less and less of these two years, but nearly 3000 yuan per month did not reduce the mortgage.


Chen Yue and his new car Chen Yue came to Beijing in 1996, has worked in typing Photocopying agency, advertising company. In 2003, he was introduced to the unit, engaged in art editing work. In 2006, he took out all the savings and loans 100 thousand yuan, more than and 60 kilometers from the city to the suburbs in the purchase of a total of 230 thousand yuan loan of two rooms, in October this year just to pay off.

husband and wife because there is no Beijing account, the child is very inconvenient to go to school, and then in 2014 in Hebei, Xianghe loans to buy a house, the price is 6000 yuan per square meter. Chen Yue’s wife’s account fell there, I hope the children can go to school and take part in the college entrance examination.

Chen Yue said that 200 thousand of the down payment in addition to all their savings is borrowed from brothers and sisters, has not paid off. The remaining 450 thousand yuan loans are also divided into 25 years.

at present, Chen Yue’s wife and children live in homes in the suburbs, and he and the same car in Beijing’s relatives with the rental in the Northeast rings near the village in the city, where the monthly rent of 1000 yuan.

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