China Telecom withdrawal operation easy letter will become the next bubble

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IT text / Su Yi Mao Qiying

after a lapse of nearly a year, China Telecom and NetEase cooperation letter products announced more than 100 million registered users.

, however, behind the beautiful data, China Telecom is a comprehensive exit easy letter in the product, marketing, personnel and other aspects of the daily business management. While less than 10% of active users real easy to believe, in the NetEase to operate independently under the NetEase, will go to the next bubble or Tianyi Live

died in the past?

Wang Xiaochu thought change

in the letter announced that more than 100 million registered users, easy to believe more than the internal staff of the team, the author said: China Telecom is an easy exit from the daily operation of the letter". It is reported that the former CEO Zhang Zheng, deputy general manager of the company (from the former China Telecom easecredit wing talk team leader) Gao Zhimin has left, the original easecredit products from the NetEase general manager ruanliang served as CEO of the company and major department products, personnel, marketing and other aspects of the NetEase responsible for the operation.

concern is the full withdrawal in business management at the same time, the China Telecom in the "The Voice of China", "Dad where to go to" spend several hundred million dollars of advertising in variety shows, including surfing are still the main push 4G, easecredit business brand. So, China Telecom retreat into one, the purpose of what?

China Telecom marketing department staff said the author, in the retreat behind easecredit brand and management, is the transformation of China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu independent Internet service telecommunications management thinking. In the past, operators in the pipeline under the worry, the development of a large number of base business as the representative of the Internet business. But after several years of operation, the China Telecom found that no one specific task to achieve the same amount of game business and private Internet companies, on the contrary most become chicken ribs and loss of business.

the SASAC requires operators to cut costs, 3 years 40 billion emphasis on profitability, and the background of "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) tax reform, as the operator of internal reform activist" Wang Xiaochu, finally determined the telecommunications Internet business knife".

It is reported that

, the China Telecom will gradually increase in easecredit, reading, incubators, mobile phone payment and other business aspects of private capital and the Internet cooperation efforts in the next joint venture, China Telecom will not be fully in accordance with the equity of distribution rights, minority shareholders may also obtain the right to operate."

held in July this year, the China Telecom at the end of the working meeting, Wang Xiaochu also made it clear that the above-mentioned business can not control, control does not hold, the thinking strategy and transformation objectives. This means that, including easy letter and other Internet services, China Telecom in the future will gradually withdraw from specific business operations. In cloud computing, networking and other aspects of the business, and the Internet will be the establishment of a subsidiary of the company, in order to even give up the subsidiary of the company’s business development.

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