China’s major pornographic websites case investigation students become the main communicator

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a detention center in Dongguan, thirteen suspects interviewed by reporters. Newspaper reporter Ouyang Xiaofei photo


public security organs to analyze the case slides. Newspaper reporter Yuan Guoli photo

registered members of more than one million people, arrested 2148 suspects in the country belong to an unprecedented. The creation of these two "history" of "M+M Apartman Hotel" large pornographic websites or did not escape the fate of being destroyed. In the case of large pornographic websites, the participation of young people deeply worried about the public security organs.

son fell a mother for help

July 18th, a detention center in Guangdong, Dongguan, 31 year old "Thirteen little" wearing glasses, tall and thin, spoke a bookish. The former street square dance teacher, because the publication of pornographic content on the Internet and became a "prisoner". He is in "M+M Apartman Hotel" by the placard, post, upload pornographic pictures, and pictures from the site to moderator of the general membership, which were uploaded 1406 pornographic pictures.

"Thirteen little" by the service of the "M+M Apartman Hotel", was the public security organs as large pornographic websites.

M+M Apartman Hotel into the public security organs of sight, due to a mother’s help. Earlier this year, a mother who lives in Beijing, Chaoyang District, Beijing public security organs for help. Her son is in high school this year, but recent results have plummeted. After asking to know, her son often recently on a "M+M Apartman Hotel" pornographic sites, see pornographic pictures and text, resulting in poor sleep, no learning. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps set up a task force on the matter involved in the investigation, deputy captain Zheng Hao is one of the responsible person in the case.

more than and 30 to the Public Security Bureau and the M+M Apartman Hotel

after more than 3 months of investigation, the task force found that M+M Apartman Hotel is very bad influence. "M+M Apartman Hotel" was built in January 2009, a pornographic forum, the server is located in the United States, the audience is mainly for domestic. In addition to the moderator, other personnel in the territory. In order to avoid the attack, the site applied for a number of domain names continue to change. M+M Apartman Hotel consists of 11 total plate, the 78 sub sectors, such as education area, new learning, website activities, etc.. The theme for up to 40 more than a post, the number reached more than 800, except for a few casual plate, 90% of all involved post pornographic content, pictures, text and video. Since some of the video is a seed file, the picture is a plug-in link, it is difficult to statistics in the end how much content. Only the Beijing police to download pictures on the capacity of up to 1 T.

after nearly 3 months of investigation, the task force to sort out the administrator account level of 66, to reach the standard of punishment account of 5036. Among them, the accounts of the Beijing area

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