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news October 18th, domestic electronic commerce website famous Yi network recently launched VISZS Yi induced alliance system of the Alliance for all types of webmaster, the Alliance launched by the widespread concern of the owners, many owners have settled by Yi platform alliance.

Yi network general manager Zhang Sheng told reporters that the current domestic 70% stationmaster income form mainly rely on advertising alliance click, but the effective transformation of the website rate is low, the income of the webmaster is generally not high, cooperation and e-commerce will be the mainstream trend into the future profitability of the website. Yi alliance (http://s.union.viszs.com) induced current and dominated by CPS webmaster cooperation to promote cooperation, which is also home to the science into the way of cooperation, because CPS is a stable and sustainable growth, revenue model. Yi will be given to the Commission of the commission divided into the proportion of up to 20%, is the highest percentage of e-commerce sales commission. Compared with the domestic Taobao customer alliance, Yi induced alliance function is more perfect, more simple operation, higher reliability, whether individuals or webmaster can apply for the union code through the personal blog, forum, website promotion to gain.


It is reported that

VISZS, formerly known as the international well-known clothing brand partners, to have a professional fabric production in more than twenty years of experience in garment customization, VISZS integrates the original production advantages, the combination of network marketing alliance system business model, will present high quality clothing products in the most direct way and the lowest price to the user and because the site in the domestic implementation of the 30 days return guarantee, 1100 city nationwide delivery of goods to the payment form, won the trust of users and praise.

and other B2C clothing site compared to the network to pay more attention to clothing fashion and comfort. Star lattice T-shirt Yi network launched the main custom activities are nearly ten thousand users attention in a short period of 3 months, thousands of sets of customized sales unpopular, especially female plaid shirt because of using 100% pure natural high-grade cotton fabric, wearing soft personal care absorbent breathable warmth by young female friends welcome. In the activities of the promotion, Yi network and well-known webmaster portal Admin5 webmasters also conducted in-depth cooperation, has also given strong support and access to hundreds of webmaster response and support forum held on stationmaster net prize T floor activities and seckill activities.


it is understood that the domestic famous B2C e-commerce website, Jingdong and red children to have their own sales store VANCL alliance platform. "The current profit model of small and medium-sized site is relatively single, many small sites mainly do Google AdSense advertising alliance with Baidu advertising, along with the rapid growth of the domestic e-commerce market, but also a lot of outstanding achievements in the B2C site, most of them are natural CPS advertisers, with unlimited advertising budget, there is no special requirement to join the alliance the site, which is a small Adsense revenue >

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