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      now the Internet industry there are too many people talk about the concept of love, or a business plan, or even an idea, in fact, the success or failure depends more on business, a set of solutions instead of how tight, often we think business model does not create value for us, too is our website profit on the final breakthrough where we are not originally envisioned, but in the actual operation of the website constantly groping out, of course, innovation and good ideas is essential.

      must take into account the specific operation of the link of planning a project site, website and traditional business, we need to be down-to-earth, profit is always the lifeblood of castles in the air and blueprint for the future is difficult for our continuous development. We are often a good idea to excited, but ignored the idea into reality, it takes a lot of resources and cost, we often subconsciously put a lot of assumptions as set up, this is a big mistake, these assumptions are often need to spend huge cost, commercial operation can be achieved. "If we can provide users with such a service and products, I guarantee that we will make money!" This is a typical assumption, a good product and good service, in today’s Internet market environment, is the need to continue to website promotion, brand marketing and so on a series of market operation, in order to further people, we assume that a good product will quickly spread, but you have to bear bring it to the user to pay the cost, especially in the Chinese Internet environment today, unless you are behind the strong financial support, you can maintain the culture market in a certain period of time, even if not profitable can hold.

      the other problem is a resource advantage, a lot of people do, often ignore our existing resources, remember not to reach exactly the one you are not familiar with the area, it is a very painful thing, there are experts in that field, but it is not only you, only you is the most optimistic, because you do not know how in the field of practical operation, this is the gap between the industry, when you run, you will find a large deviation, a lot of things you are not taken into account, even don’t know. Many websites are landing project is an industry to do so, you must be in the industry experts, to achieve the industry information and resources, rather than relying on a website platform, a technical team, a team can fix the business.

      Web site operators need to do things, we must be realistic, we know what kind of position, what to rely on to make money, what are our advantages, the current market there is no demand, etc.. Do early burn, now I think it’s going to do a website, who can save money, the Internet industry inside the new pattern emerging, but often after constantly emerge in an endless stream, on the market

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