China’s largest gay community praise high profile public chips well known angel investor Wang Zhong

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Abstract: there are at least 2 companies that can survive in the capital market. The two lesbians I have invested in are the best in the industry, and gay men are more than just one. From the valuation point of view, praise the valuation is not expensive, there is great potential." Wang Zhongping said.


July 1st, the famous gay social platform, ZANK (praise off) and now the hottest Internet financial equity platform to raise public platform for all angels. After the latitude and longitude of the Chinese Angel round, LIAN source A round of investment, ZANK high-profile opening B round of financing, raise the platform through the angel of the public equity financing 10 million. On the day of the project, praised the project attracted well-known angel investor Wang Zhongping collar investment.

Angel guest ( is a well-known public equity congregation raised platform, has been the founder of Tencent Ceng Li green, Jingwei venture partners angel angel round of investment in the current round of Pre-A into the. The angels and praise customers to cooperate, detonated the entire congregation to raise the market, on-line subscription funds have more than 70% a day.

Wang Zhongping: "gay" track layout

Wang Zhongping is a well-known angel investors, although he always claimed to non famous professional angel investors, but his past investment performance is outstanding: more than and 20 start-up projects have been invested, 9 have got the next round of financing, the success rate of close to 50%. Our portfolio includes ladies square, 12308, THE L, G Park, Lara friends of twenty company.

and the most unique, than his past investment in 3 "gay" social programs: G friends, The L and La park. Among them, G friends for gay social software, access to a new round of investment in innovative workshops. After two Lesbian social software, the L won the joint venture capital and investment UNISITI asiabiz capital; he invested in June 2014, Lara Park, and later won the Xue Manzi investment.

ZANK project is the fourth Comrade Wang Zhongping investment projects, since the project on-line platform to raise public equity angel off the preheating, he watched, it appears from his previous experience, this is once again he aimed at "good opportunity comrade" economy.

the number of same-sex couples in China is about 70 million. For Comrade project, Wang Zhongping is quite understanding. Concerned about the "comrade" project is derived from a friend recommended. So he studied the majority of projects in the field of comrades, he had voted in the comrades project is the development of financing at the turning point. Wang Zhongping believes that the key nodes, entrepreneurs can continue to venture and open up, and can not get financing, the project will have a risk.

of course, the team is also an important reason for Wang Zhongping investment projects, early project valuation is low, the amount of investment is small, there may be 999 reasons not to vote, but as long as there >

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