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under the background of global economic winter, IT industry can be spared? How the global IT spending cuts under the condition of Enron winter? In December 6th, once a year the information industry and information technology event, "2008IT NPC and CPPCC": "Chinese IT wealth (CEO) annual meeting" and "China chief Information Officer (CIO) annual meeting) held in beijing. Sohu IT as 2008IT two sessions designated partner media partners, the event was carried out live video.

below is Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li keynote speech:

thanks to the host, my topic today is "the Internet: a new frontier for china".

where is the word of the new frontier, the word "new frontier" came out in 1960, when Kennedy, the president of the United States, gave an important commentary when he accepted the title of the candidate. We stand in the new frontier of the edge, this is the 60s border, south of the shop and full of opportunities and dangers of the frontier, full of hope and throughout the threat of the frontier.


Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li keynote speech

the Internet is a new thing, brings a lot of opportunities and new challenges for us, especially in the current global financial crisis environment, the Internet of Chinese economy will produce what kind of impact is everyone’s concern, at the same time it is indeed as it is not the same thing, is we have to face some new phenomena and challenges and opportunities.

so, in the traditional sense, China’s border is represented by the Great Wall, which represents the past thousands of years in the history of our border is the Great Wall. However, we all know that in the past five thousand years of Chinese history, the Chinese nation has been the world’s most developed places, our GDP has been the world’s first.

only in the past 100 years is not, behind. Our generation is now facing a very important opportunity for China to return to the world’s first economic status in our lifetime. So, across the Great Wall, we can reach any point of the world, this is the first email Chinese issued, from that moment the Internet began to affect the effect of Chinese, Chinese, China economic impact.

in the next thirty years, the Internet how to affect the economy Chinese? Can be seen after thirty years of development, China economic strength is much bigger than before, Chinese market has become any multinational companies are not a huge market. The distance between the Internet and the rest of the fingers and the mouse so far away. A large number of information in a comprehensive, timely, dynamic grasp, making the maximum possible to achieve optimal allocation of resources possible. So, in the past thirty years is the extensive type to become investment type, in the future must be accompanied by the industrial optimization and transformation

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