2013 Korean homes are the owners of the General Assembly held successfully

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A5 station network news June 22nd, 2013 starry station will grow up successfully held today in Ji’nan Wanda Excelle Hotel, the starry host, sent on behalf of the network, home owners association, more than 20 guests from all over the country and more than 300 owners to participate in the meeting, vice president A5 manager Chen Guoqiang and network owners forum leader Tian Lei was invited to attend the meeting.

Korean clothes homes CEO Zhao Yingguang said at the meeting, the Korean homes in 2013 sales will exceed 1 billion 100 million yuan, the next two years, both the Korean homes target sales were $1 billion 800 million, $3 billion. Zhao Yingguang believes that the Han clothing sales target cannot do without the support of the webmaster, the future starry will continue to show good webmaster, this is one reason why South Korea held webmaster general assembly.

Han Yi clothes CEO Zhao Yingguang

in the "fragmented electricity supplier" trend, how should the guest webmaster and Taobao and Tmall? Ali mother day, Zheng Yan Yu Ao Zhuang, such suggestions, the webmaster should pay close attention to the development trend of the Internet, pay attention to the policy changes of the Ali Mama, the exploration of the transformation of innovation guide flow. In answer to webmaster about "Ali Mama API permission policy adjustment, more and more strict, Taobao customers lack a sense of security" questioned, Ali Mama official said, mainly to the classification of different types of Taobao customer development mode, through more open mode, help the development of Web researchers to explore more modes and different latitude guide.

deputy general manager of stationmaster net in a keynote speech pointed out that the webmaster can try to do vertical subdivision website, and pig network, Tibetan mastiff network and matchmaker network as an example, that vertical industry segments and segments users for personal Adsense business, there is still a great opportunity. There is still a lot of room for development in the field of textile machinery insurance, agriculture, online education and other major industries.

bubble network founder Jin Wei, hi push net founder Yin Gaoming, WeChat marketing trainer rain respectively how companies use micro-blog promotion, personal webmaster how to do the Internet, how to increase the number of orders such as WeChat keynote topic.

discussed in the round table interactive topic, scouring powder it CEO Liu Junhai network founder Yin Gaoming, WeChat marketing trainer rain bubble network founder Jin Wei, project manager Tian Lei A5 forum "seize the opportunity to Taobao customers, dynamic thinking a piece of" topic: various views, recommended by micro-blog, WeChat, mobile station app every aspect to do the electricity supplier transformation and promotion.

in the last part, Han clothing market department announced the starry Amoy new policies, including the upgrading and union official CPA cooperation, Taobao core games, as well as starry sub brand Taobao customers to promote the new deal, that starry will work closely with customers through Taobao Adsense at the same time, increase sales will be more profits back to the station by station traffic.

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