Daqi close with the Tianya forum website listing end here

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has gone out of the bright moon, Yan son and other celebrities Tianya community recently announced that it will be listed on the new board. However, the results of two consecutive years of losses also make the old community forum prospects cast a shadow. Oriental IC for map

"respected banner network users, thank you for many years of companionship, due to business needs, we are now suspended content updates. Please forgive us for the inconvenience." In July 28th, when a netizen "Tongfei Feijun" open banner network page, all the contents of the past have been packed with home has become a blank, only in the upper left corner of the emergence of such two simple announcement, some perfunctory.

two so hasty announcement Daqi ending, the earliest Chinese forum website has since become the history of the Internet, only remaining in some users. However, for the other domestic forum website, Daqi close is not a good news, because close behind, had sent out a signal to make them feel uneasy: whether the site forum is a step toward decline, today is under a banner, will be the horizon, mop.com, Xicihutong?

Jet Li case is only the last straw

traces the banner of the network before the last day of life, in fact, there are signs of early closure.

July 1st, is the banner of the last update, it is easy to think of the beginning of the year and officially closed. After a month’s time, there is no news on the website, mail no one answer, as well as the beginning of users guess is that hackers or server problems, but then, off rumors of more and more, until the announcement finally confirmed the rumors.

it was speculated that the closure of the banner network and Jet Li defamation case. Previously, Jet Li sued the banner network fabricated using a fund of corruption "and other false news, a serious violation of its reputation, the Chaoyang Court Verdict in favor of the defendant Jet Li, Jet Li publicly apologized to the banner of network seven, and compensation for economic losses and mental solatium total of more than 10 yuan. But there are indications that the Jet Li case may just overwhelm the banner of the last straw network, the lack of original content, improper operation is the cause of its decline and close the real reason.

banner network was founded in November 2004, formerly known as "ChinaBBS.com", is the earliest research and practice of social media resources polymerization media platform. The banner of network is the world’s largest Chinese forum portal "on their own, with" concentrated Chinese forum "as the basic position, however, as also Xiao Xiao loser, known as the" forum of reader’s Digest "banner network always lacks its own original content, are transferred from other forum website links. This mode of aggregation of content from 2006 to 2007, but also to the banner of the network to gather a massive popularity, but then, more and more online portals, banners lost their personality.


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