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1 Microsoft XP system now retired Chinese hundreds of millions of users face security risks

Qingming has passed, serving 13 years of Microsoft Windows XP system is also officially retired today". Although after this XP system can continue to use, but Microsoft no longer provide official service support. For Chinese hundreds of millions of XP users, on the one hand, has spent 13 years operating system but also to a reluctant to part, full of worries will face security risks.

has served for 13 years! XP has become immortal legend

for computer users around the world, the blue sky green screen familiar again. Despite the continuous upgrading of Microsoft Windows operating system, but Windows is undoubtedly the longest and most popular version of XP. October 25, 2001, WindowsXP officially released the world, the initial picture of the blue sky green has been accompanied by global users through 13 years.

IPO application submitted to the United States low gross profit margin of 2

  cited concerns about earnings tuniu;

are seeking U.S. listed on Alibaba, Jingdong, Sina mall, micro-blog and other companies, (hereinafter referred to as the way cattle) has officially joined the ranks.

April 5th, the way cattle to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted its IPO (initial public offering) application, securities code TOUR, plans to raise funds up to $120 million.

although Ctrip, eLong, with the way other sites are involved in the holiday product category, but the way cattle is the holiday products as the core business.

, however, was established nearly 8 years, the way cattle has not been profitable, its 2013 net loss of 139 million yuan, in 2012 net loss of 107 million yuan, net loss of 123 million yuan in 2011. In addition, the way cattle are currently less than 10% gross margin, but also raises questions about the industry. For its ability to reverse losses, Internet watchers Liu Xingliang bluntly: it is difficult".

3 small clouds founder square Dayton: white hat hackers struggling  


The word from English

hacker hacker, initially enthusiastic about computer technology refers to the level of superb computer game player, especially the program design, but with the gradual maturation of the Internet industry, the hacker’s property is also divided into white hat and black hat.


Dayton is a small square in the white hat hacker. He is a member of 80sec, a leading national security organization. Baidu has also been a security expert, responsible for hacking attacks on Baidu’s website to resist the work, has found a number of well-known bottom and script security vulnerabilities.

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