DedeCMS V5 1 Business Edition officially released

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DedeCMS from 2004 to now, has gone through five versions, from the beginning of DedeCMS V2, DedeCMS has developed its own template engine, using the XML name space style template, provides great convenience for visual art production, starting from V2.1, DedeCMS popular rose, become the most popular domestic CMS software in DedeCMS, V3 version, introduced the model concepts, so as to get rid of the traditional web content management module is too scattered, not concentrated management shortcomings, but with the development of time, discovered purely by model and can not meet the needs of users.

DedeCMS take free for non-commercial use, commercial use of the principle of charging, in order to better serve the enterprise users, launched for commercial users of DedeCMS Biz version of V5.1, and different from other systems, the commercial version of DedeCMS is currently open source, consistent with a free version and a commercial version of the function, compared with the free version of DedeCMS. Biz V5.1 commercial version has the following different characteristics:

1, increase enterprise level function

· WAP browse

· planning task client

· custom form

· online store model

· plug in: enterprise level security center

· data kernel level optimization

· business center

· pseudo static support

· visitor release function

· custom search

2, support services

· life cycle free security patch

· large version of the free life cycle upgrade

bought DedeCms V5.x commercial license users can get free DedeCms V5.1 Biz version of the software or upgrade package, if you are not in the business of authorized users, please use the following ways with the sales staff to contact us:

QQ:200135 MSN/ (contact, please # for @


mobile phone: 13917658318 working days: Monday ~ Friday

commercial edition price and service online purchase:


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