QQ computer housekeeper led to some users off the network and restart restart

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March 17th news, today there are users in the micro-blog Internet can not reflect, after installing QQ computer housekeeper in this regard, has found a few users appear off the net of QQ computer Butler team said in response to micro-blog technology, and technical personnel have been the first time for processing, the user to reinstall QQ and restart the computer to solve computer housekeeper.


users reflect the installation of QQ computer housekeeper can not access the Internet

QQ computer housekeeper is released by Tencent free computer security and optimization software, the latest version of the QQ computer housekeeper 6.8 Beta1 version, released in February 27th this year.

QQ said today there are users feedback can not access the installation of QQ computer housekeeper, "local connection" disappear, in this regard, 360 security guards micro-blog official said in a statement after verification, the driver of QQ computer housekeeper this morning through the online automatic upgrade (Tsdefensebt.sys) there is a serious BUG, resulting in a large number of computer can not access to after the boot. The current situation of the user’s computer broke the case involving Lenovo, ASUS, founder and many other well-known brands."


QQ computer housekeeper official response

QQ Security Manager micro-blog official issued a statement saying: "the Butler technical team in upgrading the security module in the process, found a small amount of the upgraded user may appear abnormal network connection, the housekeeper technical staff has been the first time positioning and processing, urge a similar situation for users to re install computer housekeeper and restart the computer to solve. The housekeeper apologizes for the inconvenience caused to you."

360 said the problem can be solved after unloading QQ computer housekeeper and restart. The QQ computer housekeeper said, reinstall the computer housekeeper and restart the computer can be solved.

Phoenix technology testing, the installation of QQ computer housekeeper can be normal Internet access, the scope of the problem is not yet determined, the current QQ computer Butler official customer service phone in the busy line.

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