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group purchase website "fall" is accelerating. According to the group 800 data, whether it is from the transaction or from the time of purchase, the data in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year, a sharp decline. From the "thousand group wars" to frequent chaos, the industry reshuffle is accelerating. Reporters learned that, at present, the major group buying sites are seeking transformation, seeking cooperation with the electricity supplier or will become a new trend.

group 800 days ago released the first half of 2012 "group purchase report" data show that, compared with the data of the same period last year, the first half of this year, the domestic group purchase turnover growth of 184%, the purchase of a 154% increase in passengers, opened the largest increase in 647% periods. However, the commercial value of the group to continue to be verified at the same time, passion receded has become an indisputable fact. According to the statistics, as of the end of June, the domestic group purchase site is 2976, compared with last year’s peak of 5058, reduced 2082.

in addition, compared with the first half of last year the average group purchase turnover of 37 thousand yuan, the first half of this year, this data is only 14 thousand yuan, a single product group purchase "pricing power" fell by more than half. According to each group purchase average from the point of view, the first half of last year the average group purchase 973 people buy, the first half of this year, only 327 passengers, rapidly declined to only 1/3 of the level.

group 800 group purchase analysis pointed out that this game will have small and medium-sized websites out of the main stadium, group purchase industry competition has entered the second round of the knockout stage, pending the development of the three or four line of the city become the main battlefield for the subsequent "". Data show that in May, statistics to the local service class city has reached 206 group purchase online, the transaction amount of tens of millions and millions of the city were reduced to 33 and 114, which led to the turnover of the top 40 key city sales share fell, the proportion of turnover decreased from last month 73% to 68%, sales accounted for by 60% last month, down to 55%.

small town and key city "28" scale has reached the "37 open", these two times the city has yet to be reclaimed may become a key node of each group purchase website discharge seating. Compared with last year’s three or four tier cities slightly underpowered, this year, the situation has improved, the group is gradually becoming more popular from the focus of the city to more ordinary cities.


Guangzhou buy June outperform

according to statistics group 800, June total domestic group purchase market opened for a period of 206 thousand, turnover of 1 billion 670 million yuan, the purchase of about 36 million 838 thousand passengers. Compared with May, although the number of open group increased by 66.1%, but turnover fell by 5.6%, the purchase of passengers fell by 8.1%.

Guangzhou, June opened 6623, participate in group purchase public consumption totaled 1 million 289 thousand passengers, the average per person consumption amount of about 65.5 yuan, average discount of nearly 3.8>

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