The main hearing plaintiff accused of infringing Baidu hemophilia to restore his reputation

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August 3rd, defamation case Liu Shaanxi sued the original host "ant dish" at 2 pm in Xi’an trial.


after the end of the trial, the ant food said during an interview with reporters, hearing today shows only three groups of evidence is adjourned, the judge asked the exchange of evidence, and that will be scheduled for hearing again, "we are the 20 group evidence the key evidence did not come and show, the other is 16 sets of evidence."

plaintiff Liu Shaanxi’s attorney said that they sued the ant dishes asked him to immediately stop the infringement, to restore their reputation for their own written apology, compensation for mental loss. The trial lasted more than two hours. For more details of the trial, he did not want to disclose more.

for the afternoon of the trial, Liu Shaanxi himself did not appear in court, ant food online slander us to deceive the patient, saying we are a liar, a patient is not cured. I worked hard for a lifetime, but finally ended in the name of a liar."

ant dishes

from being sued the moment has been very taut strings

"ant food" told reporters, deep reading (ID:shenduzhongguo) "was charged know from the moment his head string has been tight right now to the results, the mood also naturally relax."


in May this year, the "ant food" back to Baidu, the identity of hemophilia, "as long as I live, we must stick to it, because this is not my personal matter, which relates to all patients with hemophilia."

June, the "ant food" because of health reasons, feel inconvenient to go to Xi’an to participate in the lawsuit to the court, so he proposed the New District of Xi’an City jurisdiction objection to the case for his residence to Sichuan Panzhihua trial, but this requirement has not been approved.

doctor costly, lawsuits take energy will cost money, a friend suggested to "ant food" to raise the public, but was "ant food" refused, he told dark reading (ID:shenduzhongguo), raise public consumption is everyone’s kindness and conscience, can not move easily, should be put in more useful place.

does not apologize for trying to uncover the truth through the trial

"ant dishes" to the attorney for the deep reading (ID:shenduzhongguo), said they would not choose to reconcile with each other.

ant food that "action will allow more patients with hemophilia to understand some of the real situation, such as the Shaanxi Medical Research Institute of hemophilia is what kind of institutions, in the end there is no patients admitted to the qualification and so on. If Liu Shaanxi as the publicity that it is good for the worthy of the name, all patients with hemophilia."

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