Tencent is simply a copy of it

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      there is a voice: Tencent is a plagiarism expert

      QQ casual games to on-line recently surging from the Tencent, this voice often appear in our listening.

      then we come to the analysis of Tencent plagiarism process, look at how the Tencent copied.

      Tencent’s OICQ is a reference to the Israeli Mirabilis company ICQ, but followed by Tencent and Mirabilis is the opposite of the two way:

      Mirabilis 1, ICQ AOL to $287 million acquisition was in 98 years, the influence is declining; so far in the total number of ICQ users in Europe, Asia and South America but tens of millions.

      2, the Tencent launched QQ four years after registered users exceeded 100 million, according to the relevant statistics in May 07 shows the total number of registered QQ users up to 590 million, while the number exceeded 30 million, the market value of HK $62 billion 170 million Tencent Inc.

      the original has been a dismal, and the so-called plagiarism ahead all the way. What is the reason?

      and with a similar situation in the next few years repeatedly staged: four years ago the Tencent started to do the portal, now the first flow; do casual games, will be replaced into the online games industry leader Lianzhong; growth momentum is fierce, so grand, NetEase began to guard; and let Ma Yun, pat Wang Zhidong was nervous; why?

      let us look at the foreign plagiarism experts Microsoft is how to copy:

      Microsoft is the "plagiarism" regulars, such as: Windows operating system under the apple is often accused of plagiarism, and the new Microsoft map software "Virtual Earth" is also accused of plagiarism "google satellite map" googleearth". But it seems that seemingly coincidentally, when Microsoft each plagiarism incident, Microsoft will move a step further, because they are those who have been accused of "plagiarism" by market products created a profit peak for Microsoft. What is the reason?

      "plagiarism" is a kind of immoral behavior will certainly they are not ashamed, but often accused of "one copy" is always better than the "original" or "original" will not be angry. This is the case

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