How long should Alibaba O2O breaking and reconstruction of business ecosystem

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Ali group O2O brand responsible person in February 19, 2014 at CITIC Securities Symposium on Internet O2O speech, small tiger sniffing the title:

thank you very much. I just heard Mao’s (Mao Changqing) speech at the meeting, there are a lot of empathy, and I found that the topic of O2O on each industry in recent years, the industry is the most popular topic. This is my second time in CITIC Securities on the podium to share with everyone, in 2013 in Xiamen, CITIC Securities brand dress forum to share with you Tmall strategy. This time O2O has a point about Lei typhoon feeling, because the whole industry is very excited, and this is a real revolution.

four steps from the strategic point of view O2O

just talked about the former president of the famous group of Professor Zeng Ming Ming, Professor Zeng Ming in the training of our internal executives, including doing O2O training, to tell us what is called strategy. Strategy, for all of our planning and thinking, as well as the future to do things, there are a lot of reference. Professor Zeng told us the strategy, divided into four steps:

first step is final. Everything is wrong because the direction is wrong. The reason why Alibaba today developed into such a big company, because 13, 14 years ago, Ma will put forward the future of e-commerce will change the face of the world. Although at that time this sentence is Bill ·, said Gates, but it is because 14 years ago on the final thinking, there is the turn of today’s Alibaba.

second step is the layout. In order to end what we want to do a few things about the layout of a case: we have recently acquired a high moral map across the board, because the map is the most basic of the entire O2O industry, the core of a plate. A lot of information before the High German map for O2O but idle away in seeking pleasure, the core brand business areas, such as we see GXG, ZARA and many other lines under the brand, the map does not show the past. With the progress of our O2O strategy, in 2014 all the millions of world-class brand stores have to line up, then all the strategies include marketing, will be based on the map, High German map of the whole value will be turned several times, so we all acquired high moral map. O2O strategy in the future, each with O2O core value related industries, will become a very important investment hotspot. Acquisition of High German map is the layout.

The third step of the

is called positioning. How consumers perceive our platform and our strategy. In Ali, we believe that the core of the place is: all consumers and businesses regard Ali as a platform for business and e-commerce as the core, which is our position. In the future we will help all enterprises to solve business problems. I will talk about our strategy has changed from e-commerce to e-commerce, the difference between the following I will talk about. >

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