CNZZ cooperate with GlobalSign to consolidate security certification

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days ago, domestic independent third party data analysis service provider CNZZ and well-known international certification authority and SSL provider GlobalSign network security certification reached a cooperation agreement. Since the CNZZ and GlobalSign partnership, GlobalSign will use the CNZZ’s products to its SSL compatible list, and provide enterprise SSL certificate of international first-class, safe and reliable and the software code signing certificate to CNZZ, CNZZ enhanced transmission security data between browser and server, allowing users to rest assured that the use of loading the CNZZ code of the website and client software.

CNZZ is a network technology services company of famous international venture capitalists IDG investment, is a free service provider of Internet traffic statistics China the most influential, focused on the Internet site of various types of professional, authoritative and independent third party data statistical analysis. At the same time, CNZZ has the world’s leading Internet data collection, statistics and mining three technologies, specializing in Internet data monitoring, statistical analysis of technical research, product development and application.

GlobalSign was founded in 1996, has a long history of more than 10 years, is a reputable, trusted CA center and digital certificate provider. October 2006, GlobalSign officially became a member of the Japanese Listed Company GMO Internet Inc. Since its inception, has been committed to network security certification and digital certificate services, and has a large number of partners in the world. Distribution in China, the United States, Britain, Belgium, Japan and other global offices, providing customers with excellent service and professional support. As a leader in the public trust services industry, is one of the earliest public certificate authority in Europe to obtain WebTrust approval, but also the CAB forum and the anti phishing working group members.

according to the introduction, and now some browsers are using SSL security encryption technology, and users in the use of this browser to browse the site after loading the CNZZ code will be a security warning tips. Pictured:


and CNZZ to join the GlobalSign SSL compatible list, the browser access cnzz code containing SSL encryption page, there will be no hint of this security warning. So that users can rest assured that the use of CNZZ client statistical products. Secondly, CNZZ in the software code signing certificate, users download the "cnzz client statistics" will prompt the publisher is CNZZ data expert company name and name of the software, the cooperation for the use of CNZZ statistical website will greatly reduce the user for convenient website security concerns. Pictured:


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