WeChat cleanup hundreds of illegal accounts including Uber also includes drops

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WeChat team, said that as of now, the platform for 168 Uber related service accounts and 136 drops related service accounts were cleared.


technology news December 7th news, recently, Uber claimed that the public was blocked WeChat news, WeChat team responded that attention to the recent Uber, drops of related services account clearing has aroused widespread concern, and that as of now, the platform was cleared on 168 Uber and 136 pieces of relevant service account service account. (Anne)

relevant information is as follows:

end of the year, the WeChat public platform will be malicious marketing, induced sharing, illegal collection of user information and illegal operations and other acts of centralized clean-up, the relevant information is as follows:

1 of all involved in violation of national laws and regulations, pornographic and vulgar, rumors, fraud, false sharing, induced attention induced infringement, malicious registration, malicious complaints, push each brush powder, plug, plagiarism, zombie, invasion of privacy, illegal distribution, unlicensed behavior, the platform will be different levels of cleaning or punishment;

2.11 months, WeChat public platform to deal with malicious violations account of 116879. 67883 of them, such as pornographic account number, fraud account number of the 32262, illegal and criminal accounts of the number of illegal business class account number 1633;


3 we are concerned that the recent Uber, drops of the relevant service account cleanup caused widespread concern in the community. The investigation, as of now, the platform really was cleared for 168 Uber related services account and 136 pieces of relevant service account. Mainly involves the illegal collection of user privacy, by sharing, push each other and account undocumented unlicensed operation, which involves a large number of open to drops, Uber in the name of personal account in the Internet car business;

4 in accordance with national laws and regulations, for the relationship between the life and property safety of the industry, such as finance, health care, pharmaceuticals and transportation, need to obtain a special administrative license before they can operate. Public platform requires the public account in the presence of the appropriate qualifications can be provided to the user in accordance with the relevant legal services. At present, the platform being related to the non-compliance of the account closure, as operators have the relevant licenses and qualification certificate, can submit an application to the platform through the complaint channels account recovery;

5 we believe that there is no problem can not be resolved through communication. Since, in the face of the public, all kinds of information in different views and disputes complaints, WeChat public platform in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, to seek a more equitable decision-making, the platform itself has been on the management method of active exploration, then we hope to establish a more convenient and efficient communication mechanism, and realize the fair and fair platform dispute settlement mechanism. At the same time, we also reiterate: impact on the user experience and security, or through the WeChat public platform does not seek >

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