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best marketing strategy is able to achieve the following three results:

1, easy access to fans, solve trust

2, earn money to do the promotion effect, advance

1, playing with the longer, the better the effect of

what’s the strategy,


that is to create a personal brand!

how to quickly build a personal brand, began in January 2017 14~16, the consultation institute of the third lecture, this time about three nights, the tuition is still very cheap, only 1200 yuan, the course includes the following topics:

theme: WeChat Internet ranch Theory: to create a personal brand

course Lecturer: Qin Gang, Wang Tong,

course content: "quickly build personal brand"

first night: Qin Gang speaker personal brand operation model

Qin Gang in a straightforward way, teach you how to use the ranch theory to play a more lasting personal brand, as well as the greatest commercial gain and social value.

second: Wang Tong will build a personal brand late model

Wang Tong will take 300 thousand of the core model of the curriculum to speak out, how do you position, how to plan their own ideas, how to build brand weapons, how to promote their own.

third nights: Zhang Haitao stresses personal brand experience

home theater Zhang Haitao is the earliest members will participate in the 120 thousand, after the resignation of entrepreneurship courses, with the brand personality mode of two low cost operation, the first year revenue of about 5000000, actual combat experience he started from scratch, can be copied to N in many fields.

if you want to know more please pay attention to the brand model of dry cargo, WeChat public number [tongwangnet].

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