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Hello, thank you for the recommendation of friends, very happy to come to A5, a few days ago to see many webmaster write their own promotion experience, feel very good, I also have a lot of inspiration, his own experience to share with others is a great blessing of life, nearly 4 months I engaged in network promotion, hope can also be to promote their feelings to share with you, I hope you can help.

I am a technical background, so page optimization can be said to be my strengths, to this end, I promote the four or five sites, there are web site construction, finance, plastic and cosmetic industry, etc..

for page optimization, first page code is to lose weight, some including annotations, useless code removed, followed by the set of title, keywords, description, there have been many webmaster mentioned here will say no more, it’s worth noting title, keywords, keywords are described the website should be the key, and then analyze the keyword density, can through the ALt, title and hyperlink is properly adjusted, but not in order to improve the density and stack keywords.

other pages to optimize the home page to do competitive keywords, channel page to do the relevant channel keywords, content pages do some corresponding long tail keywords.

for Adsense promotion, personal feeling: on the one hand to regularly update the content of the law, it is the original article, if you can not do it to ensure that the pseudo original; on the other hand, to insist Links every day, not too much, it is best to add Links and their related industry, at the same time note that with the chain, the station released with information on this website, blog, forum, Post Bar, the classified information network via in related industries, when you can expand the site traffic and advertising exchange and other similar sites.

as for the promotion of the line I do not many, this has been carefully planned, at present I am trying.

short, personal promotion since the deepest feelings is " the content of the website " it is the most important, I have recently started to promote in several new sites, is a cosmetic industry: one is the international plastic (, another is a new starting point (, the current promotion effect very good.

because the plastic industry is a highly competitive industry, but I believe that time will tell, promotion is a long process, adhere to adjust the marketing strategy analysis + data + + original article = a successful webmaster

finally hope that all the webmaster are more and more relaxed, become a good webmaster! Attached to my QQ:654368912, welcome to come to discuss, advice, I will be very grateful!

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