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      night, received a QQ message sent to a friend, is a link and point into a look, immediately associate to the network Reds chubby. Pang Long ago has swept the Internet, become the star PS as everyone knows, although we see only one of his head, a look, a look, but after the PS master who some deceitful, chubby is equal to anything the world with a number of world class, the star’s play. I see "also gathered a PS picture, there are news reports in the form of presentation, are all described in sb’s bad, PS is only small fat, chubby, and this is called" can be customized.

      if a visitor access (such as you release from the QQ group click page link access to this page), feel very interesting, very fun, visitors will not own custom or friend’s nickname, the link address to a friend? As a result, a mass ten, ten hundred…… The effect of doubling the spread of this will not be less than the effect of the soft text was reproduced. Because entertainment for everyone, and the soft Wen is only suitable for soft related people.

      in short, in order to promote the effect of the site is obviously some, must be hyperactive brain, only the novel theme, will attract eyeballs. Innovation, is always one of the prerequisites for the success of the site.

      PS: the current popular online Wishing Wall, holiday greeting cards are a good way to promote. QQ, SOHU have launched the wall of the college entrance examination and other services

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