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I every day in the growth method of traffic

this time, check every day at Baidu index, website, found really expert too much, some people have to admire, and I found that generally do flow, basically be the same people, see their website traffic to see their income. Take a look at their poor IP. It is pale into insignificance by comparison, only to learn from them, but the expert generally do not teach you, only you to explore, I found that several of these cattle have.

The first kind of

, normal station, of course they do SEO do it, is to rely on the search over the flow of these requires a certain technology, also requires a deep knowledge, of course, a lot of SEO online Oh, I think it is basically some introductory things, if you really want to learn SEO, you only have to see more, more analysis, analysis of the big competition keywords, such as game related websites, and the non mainstream, QQ space, these sites, you need to analyze several websites, you press the style of their website you do one of other industries, other theme website. I think you should at least be ranked in the top, this is the most simple and effective. Well, I’m not here today to share this method, I need to share another way I learned today.

second, garbage station, like this station I saw a lot of expert do not rely on search engines, but they remain in the tens of thousands of daily traffic of about IP. Of course, few owners like me have time to share with you, because expert webmaster to catch the flow to the feeble will come here. Of course, when I share my experience at the same time you give me some IP, I think this is normal, of course you want to ask me now that you can engage in a day tens of thousands of IP also to the poor IP why, because each person’s purpose is not the same, I am here to know more friends. Okay, don’t talk nonsense into the theme. This time I found the method of garbage station drainage too much, I’m not here to say, just say some of our common, I think we have seen some beauty website, there are a lot of expert made dozens of customers, they are using flow amplification method, specifically how to operate because of this, they are just a website into the station can be, you can put a IP amplified several times or even dozens of times. They take a little money to buy some traffic, then these flow amplification, ha ha, I think this may be the first time I heard many webmaster friends, because expert are generally not introducing these methods, I will simply say, I hope you can understand, for example, you do A, B, C, D of four stations do you, in A B, C, D station recommended several connections, as you do is related to the content of Li San, Zhang you exposure within four of the storm appeared in the three li there, but the link to the B station and B station is a station related content four. It is a mutual temptation, IP may become a few or dozens of IP, because you are about to point on his website group, so a IP you changed a few IP, a lot of portal station to do so, do the best.

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