Some thoughts about the operation of the site summed up five points of experience

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website and has nearly three years of time, started 07 download stations, 08 years using the single page optimization software products station, 09 years to try to promote Taobao customers. Do the site traffic is relatively easy, the mastery of a skill, the website will soon have a certain flow, flow is money. From the beginning of the 09 years, the website feels more and more well done, the earliest construction site and be right down, the flow of good and bad, also has a blow to their confidence, thought mastered the station optimization experience, with the flow rate decreased, feel more and more do not. Do not know where to start, do not know how to improve your weight.

in 2010, and attempts to build a new website, just start thinking is not what change, as before, choose special keywords to get traffic through the station, optimization. Now to do two months of time, through the web site some discussion site flow changes in these two months, and several webmaster, I began to have a new understanding of the website: website to do stand for the user, rather than to the search engine, the site must do real, not by chance. Here is my view on the site planning and operation:

1, site positioning is very important. The ultimate goal of any website is to attract visitors, then the site determines the location of your site’s user base, determine the content of your site. The network increasingly fierce competition now, so the location site must follow. If it is a personal website, suggest a small but fine. Choose a competition is not too fierce but there is a certain amount of users to do the theme, to provide professional content, through SEO and other promotional methods, the site to do a certain concentration of users is still relatively easy. If you want to do a larger or more intense competition in the industry, it requires a team or have financial support.

2, website, content is king. I have seen a few sites, there is nothing outside the chain of resources, but in the search engine has been a good ranking. The main reason, on the one hand, the site is relatively early, the site is more professional content, on the other hand, the site has been recognized by the user’s content. When you provide valuable information for users carefully for the user to solve the problem, they will think that your site is valuable, many may come to your website, may collection, may recommend to a friend, may be on the network for you to do publicity… These are very… It is important that the search engine has been focusing on the user experience, users believe that good website, search engine will also give you the weight is very high. Therefore, the construction of the site, starting from the content to do it!

3, SEO is very important points. Most of the site traffic mainly from Baidu, Google and other search engines, site operations, SEO is a certain consideration. SEO method has been introduced on the Internet a lot, the most important is the use of. Summarize what I personally think is more important points: first, the relevance of the content of the site, the theme targeted. The more professional content

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