n the extension has been angel financing tens of millions of dollars in face recognition 19 years a

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artificial intelligence expert Hill also started. The new company named Christie extension, this year was founded in August, currently has access to linear capital, purple cow fund, horizon and Ming potential capital of ten million yuan level angel investment etc..


No doubt the status of

mountain in the technology sector. As the deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of intelligent information processing, the main research work, computer vision, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction and other direction, especially in face recognition. So far, he has been in the international / domestic journals, International Conference / recruitment of more than 100 papers, including IEEE Trans. on PAMI, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing and other international journals and more than 30 papers on International Conference on computer vision (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) more than 20 papers; and the manifold of Dr. cooperation to the manifold distance by CVPR2008 Best Student Poster Award the Runner-up award. Yama Sehikaru team developed a core algorithm for face recognition was applied to the partner of the Ministry of public security exit and entry system, the Provincial Public Security Department of the face recognition system and other projects

Internet giants have been poaching in the academic talent, artificial intelligence technology, large coffee business has flowers everywhere today, Yu Kai founded horizon robot, Wu Gan Sha and klaeng dark pupil founder Zhao Yong jointly established Yu Shi technology. But the academic Daniel business or very rare. After much thought, the mountain has also joined the army of the army, the scientific research into real business applications. In the extension to allegedly also face recognition as the main research direction, Shan Shiguang served as chairman and CTO Liu Xin as CEO, he is also the student mountain.


AI venture companies, especially in the area of face recognition has focused on the Face++ technology, Shang Tang stars such as start-up companies, but Shan Shiguang said in an interview with the Xtecher, is only in the field of face perception, the market is far from saturation, there is still a lot to explore areas. The Chinese Academy of Sciences in this area there are a large number of application cases. At present, in the extension has accumulated millions of magnitude of the face image data.

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