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Xin world: online marketing advertising conspiracy


plot is not a word of praise, but at present is not an absolute demeaning words, brewing conspiracy is often required to have some wisdom, then what is it in the marketing advertising conspiracy is


conspiracy may be more of a way of advertising, subdivision of the crowd, and then for the crowd to choose an effective and dissemination of the nature of the way, will be their own advertising implants.

example: for young people

young people mostly refers to the 18-30 years old between adults. So what do young people of this age group do on the Internet?. So we need to think about how we will network advertising, soft Wen and so on content of implant, without the need for direct marketing advertising, but some small tricks, conspiracy, conspiracy to make our products in the hands of the crowd spread.

young people love games, animation, film and video content, we can use the simple way for information, will be interspersed in relevant videos and articles, and then uploaded to the network above, when young people to search for games, animation or see your video, you will see the advertisement.

of course, the above is not true in the sense that the network marketing advertising conspiracy, the need for better planning. First of all, we can shoot a short film on their own, the subject matter can be, a worker secretly playing the day, a network management office of the animation, etc.. From a personal perspective, and implant related content.

article original Nanjing Combi good oral hospital of a network of activities, by this way, and I think it will effect very good, Tencent and many other websites have reproduced the relevant content, in fact, Canbecca was planning is very simple and not simple, some people are not even aware of them the taste of advertising. The protagonist is a network of Combi good hospital, due to participate in activities suspected of fraud, the vote was emptied, and then a turn of view, the protagonist of the tragedy – small – poor – a day of shooting. Let the reader have compassion, then the reader will often help to produce sympathy to vote after the move, then his visit to the site, the hospital awareness, in the short term absolute or get a raise.

example: creative advertising network marketing conspiracy

takes a creative advertising, advertising can be warm tear, can also be a funny funny. For this you need to shoot, you may get good effect of creative advertising on television, but the network is not, because now the Internet era is the era of Web2.0, is the user to interact with user communication, value creation era. Your ad will be someone to help you propaganda, of course, to see if you shoot is excellent.

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