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yesterday, with his girlfriend to go to the supermarket, the middle bought a lot of things, did not intend to buy drinks, go to check the place, suddenly saw two bottles of Orange Juice tied together, more interesting is that they also hung up on a passport, and I rushed it this passport, then I’ll buy it! This morning specifically looked at the content of the passport, only to find that it is a creative marketing, I give you now read:


activate snapshots need to log on to the active site

open the passport, the first is to allow you to scan the two-dimensional code, I would like to scan a bit, is an active page. I looked at it. It’s not attractive. Then, after he let receive this passport, need to log the event website activation, I think this is no place for the site to write, this is really a failure! Let me find a long time, there is a web site on the last page, also do not know the activities.



passport offers travel discount


opened the second page to see, to understand that this is the function of the passport can let you in tourism, in some specified classic discount! This also enjoy discount on the classic show. Look, it is really convenient!


activities on the end of the page with the rules and precautions

This is a

page design process, scan two-dimensional code > > > micro-blog will Slide Show > > > > win integral > > > > > to participate in the lottery; lottery; free travel > > > the ultimate prize free travel

process seems to be able to design, but this type of passport activity, there is a drawback, the interaction is too bad, did not see the relevant micro-blog, micro-blog after drying, do not know who to go.



what do you know from the passport creative marketing


1 merchants to cooperate with each other

sells orange juice and travel, obviously not a company, but they have reached a consensus. This is to borrow each other resources, the two sides are mutually beneficial, so any enterprise can find some business cooperation, mutual benefit, but, do not look for competitors, to find no conflicts of interest!

2 a creative change in sales

the same price, with a passport, a what are not! I would rather choose one with the passport, people have curiosity! And Zhanxiaobianyi psychological, even if he is not worth the money! "

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