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WAP website promotion, is still something that is quite a headache for the WAP station, traffic, false advertising, false cooperation is too expensive and so on, the author had a simple research. Now the WAP website promotion made a simple summary of them is valuable:

is the first type: burn is a typical representative of the air network, as the industry bigwigs, kept the chiefs of the high-profile, whether outdoor or network, everywhere can see their strong figure, but because of that status gap, so small webmaster can only watch others or out, swallow slobber but, he. After all the pockets do not drum, want to have to think out the livelihood, or to continue to tighten their belts to drop ~~

is the second time that customers face Lulu like Internet start-up, website Daquan, kinds of search in wireless Internet spread, through this way to promote the station grew up in, but the site shows a little of his own most people boil is long and complex process, the natural extension of the submit the test cycle, the owners also have patience, not the webmaster enthusiasm;

third wireless Internet advertising alliance: limited to the current profit model of a single, limited promotion methods, so advertising appears like a little like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is not surprising, but because of the development of the wireless Internet is not ripe, the market has not formed a clear rules of the game, so similar to the credit problems related to the settlement cycle long, statistical data on so also continuously, the webmaster spent much of the money paid is skeptical of the data, in the course of time the advertisement alliance also had a doubt, of course, had to hesitate and in the wavering, do not do is not practical, no way, the webmaster few bucks hard;


fourth new alliance: recently an inattentive and eager to find a friend chain alliance, is said to be devoted to the study of the flow, it is the union of some meaning, not money, is very selfless to help people to do traffic, there is something. But after that it is normal, it is said that in this league is called a jump web site navigation station, although the line is not long, but the industry is still famous, they went to the station know about the submitted URL, automatic audit, long cycle problem does not exist, but because it is a new form, do what still need the test of time, but it is also the new idea, the new field of infinite power, regardless of the success, is the embodiment of progress for the entire industry is concerned.

brick polishing is not good, please forgive me, website promotion, we are still on the way, wireless webmasters continue to meet us 3G.

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