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    some time ago to do a few sites, always want to add a Post Bar module, could not find a suitable PHP Post Bar program. Repeatedly circulated on the Internet to download and install several more PHP Post Bar, after an execution error finally forced me to lose patience, while their development of a national Day holiday a Post Bar program: PasteX.
  originally simply want to do some basic functions, but in the writing process, there have been problems emerge, the increase more and more things, made me afraid he would not finish it. Now the whole system completed around 2/3, with 5 days or so, the main function includes owner level management have been basically completed, and user account management background integral and no.

basic functions are as follows:

  Post Bar Post Bar classification;
  search Post Bar, create Post Bar

  post management;; top posts, delete the essence of


3. user login. Registration.

4.. The level of integration management system

post management membership management

5. search

The main features of



1. can be set to tourists can create Post Bar
2. can set different levels for each user,
3. Post Bar can set different reading level, simple template system and database architecture of
4. to post level performance as the main principle, procedure and the 90% page
6. div+css full separation structure of
7. considering the static list and post pages, but there are contradictions and permissions)

other functions and basic forum program about.
from the consideration of performance, without the use of complex template technology, but with the primary variable substitution to achieve, although little flexibility, but the structure of Post Bar are relatively simple, in order to improve the performance of sacrifice flexibility should be reasonable.

the other is not yet considered clear. Test address: www.pastex.net, interested friends can go up and see. And so complete the free.

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