gnore the user experience of network marketing is like a flash in the pan

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now we are talking about the user experience, because the concept of customer first is gradually rooted in the hearts of the people. In the network marketing, the so-called user experience is easy to understand, that is, when we carry out sales through the Internet, to the user’s intuitive experience. And this feeling, to a large extent, affect our ability to successfully carry out marketing, as well as the quality of marketing. If the user experience of Internet marketing some abstract, not easy to understand, then we use an example to illustrate the importance of the user experience. Engaged in the construction site of the company, in the past few years, mostly by way of telephone marketing business expansion. Telephone marketing, there is a concept of the word, that is, the same thing different expressions will bring different results, and the purpose is to enhance the user experience is a very important factor.

telephone marketing is a good way of sales, business staff after a day hundreds of phone baptism, whether it is the psychological quality, ability or communication skills will be significantly improved, which is necessary for a qualified personnel. But in the last one or two years, the high cost of high prices, rising labor costs, with which there is a new generation of psychological agitation. In the face of high labor costs and human resource scarcity dilemma, many companies to seek a breakthrough in the Internet under the helpless, like Foxconn in the production line installed a large number of robots, network marketing is important in this context. But an objective fact is that although many companies try to network marketing, but success is very few. The reason, Shanghai network company pilot technology assuming that lack of user experience is the most vital to the defeat of network marketing. Here we enumerate several commonly used network marketing methods, the reduction of the phenomenon and causes one by one analysis is not successful, and perceived user experience is how important a thing.

a, soft marketing

soft though not in the era of network patent, but the Internet is undoubtedly marketing plug in to take off the wings. The biggest advantage of soft Wen, that is similar to its news or knowledge of the article, but it can play the effect of marketing. As we watched the film and television drama, the man to help, but inadvertently implanted into the story of the mall like the Jingdong. The greatest feature of soft Wen is not to let people hate, let the user tender and happy to accept your advertising information, and ultimately contributed to the completion of marketing. It is a pity that the truth has not been many enlightenment, when put on a large site soft, rigid advertising information and website calls into the post middle no lack of such people. What is more, many companies write soft Wen quality itself also has a lot of problems, even the basic sentence grammar rhetoric logic relations are full of mistakes, such soft Wen will bring about what kind of effect is obviously.

two, EDM mail marketing

now remove the SMS advertising, more annoying is probably spam. If a EMD marketing e-mail, defined by the customer as spam, then marketing can not talk about. But email marketing

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