What kind of enterprise website to achieve profitability

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with the continuous progress of the Internet, companies have begun to move their products on the network, set up their own website. Although these sites stand to appreciate the point of view is really good, but in addition to the old customers will not have a new customer to see.

it is understood that there are tens of millions of Chinese enterprise website, not many live stations. I said that the station is someone to manage, it was optimized, it was promoted. Rather than spend a lot of money to enjoy their own. How to make your site live? How to make your potential customers to browse your website? This requires the site to do a good job in the early planning of the site, do a good job in the post site optimization and promotion.

website planning

are you going to do with a certain website website like color pictures just changed? Sure answer that you have to do is just a decoration; if the answer is negative, do it now, your company website belongs to make your company’s characteristics, so it can bring profit for you.

website promotion

before we promote the site, the site must have a good planning before construction. This plan is not just a simple set of several columns, he should pay attention to how to make your site, with the conditions of network promotion, and then let this site can bring you profits.

what should be the website of the enterprise web site you need to pay attention to the following three points:

first, website architecture

good web site structure is the foundation of all projects, including web page settings, function settings, page layout, background management, etc.. Do you often introduce the company and the boss’s head on the front page? Yes, this is conducive to the promotion of corporate image, but the benefits will be how much?. I encourage you to focus on your products. The structure of the website must create conditions for the final sale of the product. The structure of the web site (even details such as links, layouts) affects the final sale of the product in many ways.

second, website function

if you don’t have a professional technical staff, I think this will probably let the Internet companies do it for you. But the network company to do for you, and finally only with other companies, can not achieve the characteristics of. The same as the structure, function also need to create conditions for product sales, promote sales. Do you think that let customers for the company registered members of the site, to retain customers? If your website, I will not deny it, but the general corporate website, the flow is not very high, our goal is very simple, is the profit, the complexity of the station network will make the user experience is not well, even let him no patience to see your products on the exit site. We have to do is to make the site fully functional and practical, easy to operate, the best products will be achieved within one or two steps.

third, page design effect

a lot of companies to look good page

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