Network promotion is not divided into rookie and veteran promotion on active and accumulation

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many people are doing network promotion, every promotion people also want to become a master, but the rookie process is everyone must have the stage, how are we going to do as soon as possible from rookie to master, master contrast and strong rookie where? That after careful consideration in fact, in addition to master who can master the methods to promote the more skilled, is the master who hold more resources. It may be a friend will ask, what are the resources, how can we master ah, we will be down from basic to the promotion of their master hand to have what kind of resources, rookie who have through what channels can also have related resources, so as to master close to.

as a result of the introduction of the rookie is the most concerned about the part, so we are introduced in the network promotion is absolutely inseparable from some of the things. Speaking of network promotion, we may think of the forum to promote, micro-blog promotion, Q & a promotion, QQ group promotion, mail promotion and so on a variety of ways. Operating methods we should also have a preliminary understanding. Everyone here must have overlooked a key factor. Yeah, that’s ID. This is the first important resource that we want to introduce today. Some people may wonder, what ah, not ID ah, not all ID do network promotion person? And, save a lot of ID seems to be the network navy to do ah, this is what resources. Yes, I said that ID, regardless of what the navy army, this is one of the most basic work for us to do the promotion, ID is our big website, each big forum vest, we do any promotion key. I believe that people often listen to do network promotion, the hands should be a large number of ID. Of course, this is also achieved through long-term accumulation of slowly. For example, for example, we used the way of Promotion Forum promotion, we may have a dozen first registered account in a forum, through the post, and continued to post replies, promotion effect test forum can achieve our expectations, after a period of time to try, we will naturally know to do what product, what kind of forum what way promotion will have a good effect, for a long time, we will find that our hands have mastered a lot of ID, and the ID record, you will be more powerful weapon of promotion is the future. Just to the forum for example, the other side is also the same reason, such as QQ, micro-blog, etc..

we have a bunch of ID, is not that we can do to promote the rain in each big forum style? Many people may know, in the forum, if your ID level is not high, or integral is not enough, then you do a lot of things is limited the. Yes, we have to mention here is the second important resources, is the level that is integral. Often in the event of the forum users know that a high level account can be caused by the response of the forum may be higher than ten ordinary account. So, on the top of our collection of ID >

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