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in network marketing, "text ads" can be divided into news, advertising and soft, which is mainly used for the brand publicity and news reports of some big events, advertising content with less; advertising is generally a direct description of the product or service, business promotion; soft Wen is through subtle let the reader fall into depression and not knowing this, Neiwaijianxiu, Killing with Kindness way is currently the most powerful marketing tool. Here ya ya from personal experience to explain three soft writing skills.

soft Wen is called soft Wen, the most exquisite place is "soft". That is to say, we need to close not leak, overcomes in the invisible way "advertorial" into the article, to do this, the whole structure of the soft, we need to design carefully. Soft writing can be considered from three aspects: writing form, soft text title, soft text.


first, determine the form of writing. Soft writing mainly in the form of event type, experience type, type, type and help decrypt sharing. The event type mainly refers to the use of social hot and hot network to attract people eyeball, thus earn high click and reprint rate, such as: the recent educational circles of fire "meve education lead Internet era self-study storm". Personal refers to the use of the identity of the third party, tells the true story of friends around life experience and the effect of the article. Decryption refers to a professional attitude or personal unique insights, the product of an objective anatomical analysis, to meet the one-sided view of users, allowing the audience to understand the information from a variety of perspectives in the past contact. Help type refers to the experience of the matter, put forward the problem directly, we need help, the contents of the natural transition into the product name. Sharing is based on the joy of sharing, sharing experience, can give users a certain amount of information value. Before writing, we need to first position their own article, really want to write the article type.


next, determine the title. The title of the party believe that we are very familiar with this, that is, through a novel title to attract everyone’s attention, to develop a good title of your soft Wen on the success of 1/3. So how to write the title in order to make their own articles in many of the soft text stand out, should pay attention to several points:

1, not too long. A text description of too much or too small, but not easy to be remembered. With the highlight to attract the user’s eye that is right, but the attraction of all possible things piled up to the title, it will be a problem, a title is long and thin, even if people at a glance, you know what to write, click on the desire is not so strong the.

2, the range should not be too narrow. That is, the first point of the fine, such as: QQ mail marketing how to achieve micro business has more than one hundred agents, the secret of the secret of the growing number of micro business agent skills

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