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has recently been asked many friends I have what good promotion methods, has also been on me to be able to quickly see the effect, network promotion is a long process, to see the effect of rapid no advertising fast, instant messaging systems, such as QQ, MSN is also very fast, but if you want to promote in the above, to make ready to kick at any time. Today I would like to recommend how to use the Tencent to ask for promotion.

as everyone knows, the Tencent has always been copied from experts, Baidu know after the fire, the Tencent with its huge user group quickly also made the China second quiz community ask, and ask Baidu know the biggest advantage lies in its immediacy, although Baidu hi Baidu, but how real users can use compared with the QQ group of users, so it makes the promotion advantage ask.

BIWEB chief promoter Jerry Mont tell you: product promotion is the most effective way to respond to the event’s high speed. In the non internet industry, the promotion is the best, followed by television, newspaper advertising. In the Internet industry, instant tools is our best choice. I have to ask you to do well in these areas.

how to ask for promotion? Ask to send soft Wen can audit through?

in fact, this is done with other platforms to do the promotion of soft and there is no essential difference between the need to seize the following tips:

1, choose the right location: Tencent ask is a knowledge exchange platform, you in the above role is either a questioner, or a solution, it is important to set their own position.

2, choose a reasonable way of question: if you are a questioner, we must first find a problem, we use cool forum as an example, this is a good template for the introduction of foreign forum, the first problem to be concerned with the template, we can ask questions like this: "I recently downloaded. The template ( on the flash template, the template text is English, into Chinese after will appear garbled, how?" it seems from a certain angle, this is really a question, and ask the way is also very sincere, and also left a chain. I believe that this will certainly be able to pass the audit, and the fact is that this problem has passed the audit.

3, select the appropriate way to answer: if you answered, it must take correlation problems, or to cool as an example, we have to answer the question categories of web design, flash design, program design and so on, it should be with the detached, we can answer, but the answer tone must be sincere, best can leave further methods and ways to help the questioner, this is very important, the questioner can feel your passion, was chosen as the best answer will be not at all surprising.

4, be patient to answer questions: your answer may not be complete

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