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network literature is no stranger to the netizens, and so many famous Internet writer is even more impressive. In the "2008 starting point the writer summit" China, vice chairman of the writers Zhang Kangkang said, the network literature has been the mainstream literary world.

Hangzhou blog currently has nearly 15 thousand users, the daily update of more than 100. Visit the Hangzhou forum, and literature related sectors also accounted for important status in users was quite representative writers of prestige is up to hundreds of people. They have their own views on the development of network literature.

support: real popular

will send.

easy to get started because of the text on the Internet, but the feelings are more real, easy to understand the content, the majority of Internet users optimistic about the development of network literature.

is popular because of grassroots

"now is not popular grassroots culture, network literature is the most real thing from the folk. What can write, write what you like, without any content, and the forms of the genre. Coupled with the use of the network is illusory, in line with the characteristics of modern people "tell the truth" and a stranger, it is easy to show real feelings, read will be particularly easy to resonate." Netizen "Wenyi street cat" is a staunch supporter of network literature, her "grassroots" received the support of many friends.

often hang on the Internet forum to write the article with the three friends, also believes that: network literature allows everyone to unload a lot of preparedness, bloom a real me. You can also vent their emotions in this way to make themselves more relaxed. It can be said that everyone can participate, universal is imperative."

because of the development of young

users chengzhuo has been involved in the management of the Internet blog, she believes that the popularity of the Internet, will inevitably lead to the rise of network literature. In the information age, more and more new things can grow and develop through the network, and the network literature is a big influence on the life of Internet users in recent years. And is currently active in the network writers are mostly very young, writing is also very rich and interesting, it is able to attract users attention."

"network literature is a new type of literature, is constantly challenging and beyond the traditional literature. Maybe you will experience a mature stage, but it is still very young, there will be more and more young people to participate in the development of its strong support, believe it is the prospect of the limitless." 80 on behalf of "Ji Yuanxuan" argument seems to represent most peer comments.

because the fresh so good-looking

"shallow water" is a standard geek, in writing the text online is a very important part in her life. She describes herself like this: "the greatest pleasure of the day is to update the network of personal space, the second fun is to see other people’s space." For the network literature, her view is: "now"

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