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after 2 years of silence, my blog finally opened again.

promotion programs will bring you today is FireFOX (Firefox) download promotion software, and how to use the website, web page, blog and other tools to achieve the purpose of promotion.

first, we understand what is FireFOX software. This software is Mozilla Firefox (officially abbreviated as Fx, informally abbreviated as FF), Chinese called Firefox, is by the Mozilla Foundation (Mozilla) development and open source community web browser. Firefox is derived from the Mozilla Application web browser, starting in 2005, every year by the media PC Magazine was selected as the best browser of the year. According to the statistics of Net Applications, Firefox browser market share of the world exceeded 24.6%, second only to Internet Explorer.

why do you want to promote this browser because Firefox and Google companies to promote cooperation matters, for small and medium-sized webmaster, most of them have had an unforgettable promotion experience. Remember in 2008, Google Adsense, a new Chinese domestic computer download and install Firefox promotion price is $0.1, the United States and Europe to download and install Firefox computer promotion price is $1. This was at the time and Google Picasa software to promote the same popular mainstream promotion. I am also very profitable in the promotion process. Although things have passed, but some experience is worth us to review the study, after the other use of network marketing to go, these methods can also be used to draw inferences.

method 1, soft marketing method

soft text marketing is the ultimate goal for the user to download and install Firefox software, then what kind of soft Wen can achieve the purpose of marketing? We look at an example of the abstract:

IE encountered a problem and needs to close the browser, how to solve the "send error report" IE problem? This is because the new window module IE is destroyed, as long as in order to run the following command register module: Regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll, Regsvr32 for Shdocvw.dll, Mshtml.dll, Urlmon.dll, Msjava.dll, Browseui.dll, Oleaut32.dll, Shell32.dll, so it should be. Of course, if infected with the shock wave and other viruses, there may be such a failure, please use anti-virus software antivirus.

IE problems really troubled the majority of users, in fact

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