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version, as the name suggests, is in the forum chat, this way appeared very early. The original model is to reply to the post, and the post interaction, it is spontaneous, no organization. The topic is the specified version, a topic, we focus on this topic to discuss in the forum posts specified within the specified time, continuous thread reply organized, interactive.

forum is the forum version, an important method of the improvement of user stickiness, many forums have similar activities. Not only can make some valuable posts, but also improve the user’s participation and interactivity, help active forum. The author summarizes the factors of success are waiting for you.

1 guest selection.

everyone has a subconscious desire to communicate with celebrities. For example, if you see a star in the street, you will stop and look at it. Even if you are not a fan, you will still be curious. If the topic version, invited guests are celebrities, naturally there will be more owners to participate in interactive. If a forum to invite to visit Robin Li, Ding Lei participate in the forum, baby interactive topic, very many people believe. First, the desire to contact with the stars; again, can get some inspiration and experience from successful people.


A5 forum since August has organized 9 issue version, every Monday, invited each different guests. From the effect of several times, the invitation of the figure Wang, GJJ, old K and other celebrities when the effect is better. Celebrities are all famous, because some of their temperament is different from others, to attract others, but also willing to learn from their experience, so please come to their activities, better natural effects.

Topic selection of


webmaster often see article in the web page or in the forum posts, to see the title to attract people, you can click to see, of course, will choose their own topics of interest. Do the topic version, the organizers should pay attention to the selection of topic, which topic is the webmaster attention and would like to know, if a baby has no bowl level guests, only work hard from the selection of topics. Whether it is in the school to write papers, or now write soft, if there is no good topic, write the article is difficult to get the audience’s recognition.


A5 version of the chat topic is "the research of the local operation site of the road, because the local station is currently the topic of focus, people are more and more investment in the local station, is also the topic we are more concerned, involved in the interaction of people more, exceeded the effect is relatively good. Topic selection must pay attention to the choice of the user’s most concerned about.

Promotion of


if you have a good topic and guests, should also pay attention to the activities of the promotion, to tell more people, if they are interested in, will come to participate in activities, not only to promote this activity, also made the promotion forum. If the baby regularly organize activities, but also to increase user stickiness, not only improve the theory >

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