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today than a lot of teach you how to let the site get a lot of traffic


want to see the flow of the station

than a lot of site navigation:


most of the webmaster web site is copied from other people’s data, those sites are not the same.

a large number of duplicate web site navigation is full of internet.

site is not like other sites, once done, will not go with the new



Baidu doesn’t like it,

Baidu likes fresh things

so the first recruit: update

how to update the law?

is actually very simple, do not change the page, as long as the exchange inside the URL can be

exchange frequency is generally 3 days (see the site weight, weight can be updated faster)

not only to update the home page link, the inside page also update

Do not replace all the time to update the

, just need a new part, or Baidu will not know (recommended at around 20%)

but not allowed to grasp, can refer to the station, than a lot of site navigation: http://s.www.biduoduo.com/

then second strokes: submit Baidu SITEMAP

light is not enough to update, you update those pages made SITEMAP the next day to submit a Baidu


page does not need much, so Baidu will always find your site in the update to

brush spider!!

again, a third: QQ group,

rush about telling the news around spreading

get a QQ mass software, give your friends are sent again, so that your friends are using your site to do the home page.

get BT download, download your site recommended

and software binding, install the software on the default settings for your home page!

well, this measure you use


ensure that your site is to stop the flow of brush! Guys, the site of the spring has come, hurry up

if the effect is good, remember more than a lot of

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