The advantages of integrated marketing gradually highlights that we need to pay more attention to

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with the Baidu algorithm change again, we pay attention to the past much SEO means may be discounted, it is difficult with Baidu change varies linearly, however, Internet marketing means not only the SEO, then integrate the advantage of network marketing will slowly spread out.

in simple terms, including the integration of network marketing, a forum, blog, QQ, micro-blog, quiz and so on, and the rise of the last one or two years of WeChat marketing SEO actually means the ultimate or to develop their own customers, gradually from the search engine to rely on, from the user’s perspective, to the website, then integration network marketing in this regard is more close to some, but the difference lies in the difficulty of Chengdu and their ability to control, and integration of network marketing a variety of means, as the saying goes many points, then we can the probability of success will be greatly increased, if we were a hang in the SEO tree, inevitably fell scared, success will have a great chance to rely on Baidu’s breath.

forum marketing, focusing on interactive, readable

many marketing forum, I believe that SEO asked 10 people would say not only, is the chain, and posts, or if the current in this way, not only will SEO no progress, forum marketing, not to mention, more of us to use the forum features advantages forum the use of interactive marketing, its function, especially in the industry, we need to do more interactive content, do fine, this is not only good for you SEO, you have to also benefit forum itself, this is a win-win situation, I believe that this forum will also allow you to do a little promotion connection under the.

blog marketing, durable, do boutique

blog in the past a lot of SEO in the image and the forum almost, the hair of the chain, hair articles and so on, this outdated idea that we should give up as soon as possible, we have to make boutique. Not only can play SEO optimization function, more to be able to play the role of marketing, bring customers, according to not see a lot of long tail keywords in Baidu, have occupied half of the country’s blog.

QQ group marketing, wide circle of people, interactive marketing within the group

Since DZ and

QQ group hanging ditch, a lot of people use it to bring a lot of customers, such as SEOWHY, SEOWHy 28 push, I remember in the early stage of SOSO, extensive use of key questions and DZ, to do marketing, bring a lot of precise users, 28 I will not say, his 28 group is how to push up its forum, you check the data at a glance.


marketing, quicker fans, quasi

customersIn fact, micro-blog

marketing in the early days there are a lot of people at the beginning, but it can really rely on the website promotion is really not up all the marketing case, here I give you advice is to work through the activities, fans, publicity, interactive, >

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