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[Abstract] officially announced that this year a total of paramita completed $43 million financing, valuation of $200 million.


founder and CEO Zhang Zhendong

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on October 26th

self cross-border paramita global purchase (hereinafter referred to as "paramita") today announced the completion of $30 million B round of financing, the current round of strategic investment by Baidu, LB Investment, share investment and capital, become Oude round of investors.

in June this year, has just completed a round of "paramita", investors including recently invested in "micro shop", Vickers Capital became the capital of Singapore (Vickers venture capital), a member of the LG family founded LB Investment 4 venture capital.

so far, but this year completed a total of $43 million in financing, valuation of $200 million. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

According to

, "but" founder and CEO Zhang Zhendong Zhang Zhendong, this year from Baidu left, scouring Heico army. Earlier, Zhang Zhendong had founded Android market alliance UUCUN. July 2013, Baidu wholly acquired UUCUN.

after completion of the acquisition of UUCUN net profit growth of nearly 20 times before the acquisition, known as one of the best mergers and acquisitions within the Baidu system. Li Mingyuan, vice president of Baidu’s mobile business is responsible for the merger and acquisition of UUCUN project management.

UUCUN past performance and cooperation based on trust, Baidu’s investments in "". In fact, since this year, Baidu increased the business focus efforts, has invested in electricity supplier of food I bought the food network, electricity supplier honey bud baby mother.

said Zhang Zhendong told the Tencent technology connection, Baidu investment "paramita" on the one hand, the past is the cooperation between the two sides on the basis of the trust, on the other hand, "paramita" and Baidu search engine has more in-depth cooperation, let more keywords to achieve commercial realization.

to video live sales of goods

One of the features of

"paramita" is the sale of goods by way of live video. But many female users gathered together to eat, chat, see about the live video, this group of people will order. "Paramita" is a person’s behavior influence a group of people.

Zhang Zhendong said that the current domestic platform to sell a lot of explosive money, but in fact, take a walk in the local, local young people do not seem to use these brands. "Paramita" is to put the heat of the best goods overseas, with the fastest speed to China to.

Zhang Zhendong said that many Japanese and Korean products in the local sales are very good, but most Chinese people do not know. For example, "paramita" just signed a man named 24H Cosme cosmetics.

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