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this article should be the first article I entered the Internet industry, but after seven or eight years of experience now to write such an article, should also be owed to you an article. This article can be understood as a "water" text, but may be able to get some inspiration from those who have the heart.

six years ago, someone asked me why I call the feather extraordinary name, what meaning?

three years ago, someone asked me the name of the plume and Yu Quan has a relationship?

a year ago, someone asked me the meaning of the extraordinary feather is different?

can be seen from the transformation of these issues for me to get more and more understanding, because we have a special understanding of the name of the plume is getting closer and closer. A long time ago, I wrote an article, I hope that the "degree of feathers," the name gradually built as a personal brand, when using this name as a screen name when there are three factors:

I am

1 band Yu Quan’s loyal fans, if you ask me what love it a bit more two people, I like Chen Yufan, because he is very low-key, but the singing and most contracted treble, so is low-key and strength of the people;

2 "extraordinary" is a word I love very much, the meaning is not trivial, and it represents a kind of "Internet plus" contemporary thinking, this point described in detail later;

3 before I decided to use the name of the search on the Internet, the name has not yet been used, it is easy to form an independent brand;

as I mentioned "Internet plus" thinking, live in the moment, if you do not have a "Internet plus" thinking there is no way to gain a foothold in the Internet industry, and I understand the Internet thinking is out of the ordinary, which I entered from the Internet industry is sure to go out of the ordinary way. But at that time I didn’t know how to be out of the ordinary.

from another point of view that the "Internet plus" thinking, is innovation, and innovation for the understanding, some people think that only the creation of people have not heard what is innovation, such as Edison invented the lamp before, people have never heard of the light. If you have the ability to create people have never heard of, and helpful things for human beings, but it is the best, but now the "innovation" to reduce the threshold, many traditional industries may be things we join the Internet has become an innovative, known as the "intelligent", such as intelligent pillow intelligent toilet, smart tv.

said the scope may be some big, return to the grassroots Internet industry, in a broad sense, each industry has ups and downs of the process:

2006, hacker technology training began to rise;

2009, hacker technology training began to decline, the network to make money and network marketing training >

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