Bad brand love looting good brand often timely assistance

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brands have good or bad points.

brand is like a person, is it good or bad? Not to see what it says, but to see what it does. Behavior is the most authentic language, we make a brief return to the deaf, eyes inside to see Polish brands are in.

you will find. Some brands in the while fire hit, but in some timely assistance. In contrast, good brands and bad brands come out.


consumers will get into trouble.

when consumers have a motive to buy, there will be no need to shine into reality. At this time into a tangled state, if the demand is strong, it means that into a predicament.

, for example, you are very, very thirsty, but you only have one dollar coin.


if you buy a coin for water, it means you have to walk home. This is normal, but this time there has been a bad brand and a good brand.

when you have been in a passive environment, bad brand may hike. A bottle of water sold to three, you may need to borrow money from passers-by. At this time, how to do a good brand? One yuan a bottle of water, but also a free ride on the bus.

so say. Bad brand will be aimed at a good brand often timely assistance.

What you do not have

timely assistance encountered, but am sure you are looting, and more than two times.

What brand of

in you?

a time.


we are most familiar with the Spring Festival, the new year to wear new clothes wearing a new hat.


for clothing brands, this is the best time to sell their clothes in the most profitable year. Like the kind of clothes are starting to hit the high price and new listing label, not afraid to sell. Consumers do not have a lot of choices, because this is the new year, even if we know the same clothes will be less than a few hundred years later.

is a space.

go to any amusement or tourist attractions, you will find that the convenience store is set with gold.


can eat things, the price doubled. No way, ah, a few miles on my home. If you don’t eat, go hungry. This is the same as the snacks on the train cart, while you do not have snacks to fill the belly, while you do not have the courage to jump the car, melon seeds ten packs of cheap to you.

one is asymmetric information.

to buy the same eye, you and your friends to buy the price difference.

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