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what is the date 365 days a year, our time, not only tonight with thoughts and sad colors; only tonight is not endless sorrow dip. The Qixi Festival in this beautiful night. Net CEO Hu Fei (hereinafter referred to as Hu Fei) for a night. The Qixi Festival communication and enthusiastic users from the grassroots network, how a team construction, the development of e-commerce company structure, cosmetics B2C conducted a spiritual dialogue.

"Hello, I’m

. Net Hu Fei, very glad to be here to communicate with you", a warm greeting opened the prelude to the interview, then QQ group inside put up Hu Fei makeup dot nets CEO photos, everyone said "handsome" in concert, immediately broke the past that kind of visit the seriousness of the light, the activity of the atmosphere was immediately mobilized.

why a man would choose to do women and women mall site? I think we need to know the things, Hu Fei said; because all the time, I will be very concerned about people or things around them, as we all know, women and children in the FMCG market is the absolute protagonist. And engaged in years of cosmetics business, I can say that women know more than women what they need, what. To do such a female media information + female B2C mall mall model can be said to be a coincidence can be said to be an inevitable

the interview Hu Fei said: decorate the established time network is 2007 March, he has been engaged in before the establishment of the network is the traditional tourism and decorate the advertising industry, surprise, decorate number more than and 150 person team, the core management team with an average age of 23, no one has experienced the Internet industry background, including myself, in three a co-founder of $1 million start-up capital, decorate the network into the rolling development stage, as early as last July began to profit, there are two pieces of main income at present: one is to adorn the net advertising revenue accounted for 15%, two, B2C mall accounted for 65%, and ground network agent other accounted for about 20%; in July of this year, our sales reached more than 5 million, due to seasonal reasons and the Olympic Games, compared to July June did not have too big growth The rate of. We are the earliest time by selling its own products, occupy a few months ago to 70% of sales, is currently accounted for only 30%, which is a structural change, we even put the original free products contracted to another company to operate, at present more than and 100 people all join network operators to promote beauty.

The rapid development of

enterprises, will be subject to all sorts of bottleneck, the bottleneck of funds will be one, because of the need to expand, because want to expand the scale, but this did not affect the rapid development of the network. According to the current understanding, no financing needs, no financing plan before the end of the year. But from the end of last year, there are several VC to negotiate investment intentions have been declined. Indeed, some domestic B2C websites almost rely on financing to achieve its growth and expansion, can decorate on its own website.

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