Network marketing is not simply a network technology

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network marketing is not only network technology, but marketing; network marketing is not only selling online, is a useful complement of the existing marketing system of enterprises; network marketing is the inevitable product of 4C (Integrated Marketing) marketing theory.

network marketing is based on modern marketing theory, marketing through the Internet instead of the traditional newspapers, mail, telephone, television and other media reports, tracking service for product pre-sale, sale, customer service each link by Internet, from first to last run through the whole process in the enterprise, looking for new customers and old customers to maximize the service. To meet customer demand, to achieve market and increase the profit for the business target. It is the latest form of direct marketing.

network marketing is just the basis of e-commerce. Electronic commerce is the sum of all kinds of business activities, which must be solved by Internet, and the related laws, security, technology, authentication, payment and distribution should be solved. Some of these problems in China has become a bottleneck in the development of the network marketing is not demanding, so there is no obstacle to the development of network marketing. The implementation of network marketing has many successful examples, some well-known enterprises have built their own websites, these sites to carry out the main conception of site structure and function characteristics, their distinctive distinctive and creative "network marketing activities, brought great wealth to the enterprise.

in the rapid development of network economy and e-commerce today, many enterprises have recognized the necessity of the establishment of enterprise sites. But after building up the company website, if not for the promotion, then the enterprise products and services on the Internet is still not known, not a site set up the effect, so that enterprises in the building site that should start after using various means to promote their own websites.


through the search engine, filling the classified ads by means of website promotion, the website can attract more attention in a relatively short period of time, greatly improve traffic and fast expand visibility to business products and services are widely spread, eventually improve the volume of business enterprise.

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