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holidays, I believe that many of my friends received a greeting card sent to friends and relatives from QQ, MSN, E-mail, which is more popular than a few more creative pictures, they only need to enter the name of the person you want to bless the link, then the text will appear in the picture. So, unknown people may still think this is your specially produced for them a new year gift, moved in a complete mess. You passed it on to me, and I passed it on to him, and soon after, the pictures came out of the forums and blogs, making it faster. This is called viral marketing, network marketing, it spread fast, wide coverage, is one of the most effective propaganda way. Coupled with the previous observation of some of the creative way of publicity, here I summarize them, hoping to bring some reference.

, a picture of the viral marketing such as the start of this article, this is a quite creative publicity, I believe that in a short time to the site to bring a lot of traffic. The initial impression of this image is the signature image that is often seen in the Forum: a small cartoon character holding a sign that says your IP address, operating system and browser name. The content of this part is to be changed. At that time only feel very interesting, did not expect to be able to do other purposes. Later on the Internet to see a very wide spread of the new year gold medal, you want to send the name of the person to write can be displayed in the picture of the gold medal, also thought to be a master PS, and later found only need to enter the text can be. There is a banner on the Eiffel Tower, are in this category. By the way, most of the methods used to upload pictures to play LOGO. Some of the earliest sites to use these methods get a lot of hits. Some sites I know from these pictures, such as HAHA168, PCPOP, etc.. But now many forums and websites are using this method, the role does not seem so obvious. Incidentally.

Forum, Forum promotion promotion is definitely

two here in the forum is not a version of the advertised, nor will the web site address and signature and crazy scraper, as both exhausting and the effect is not good, the administrator with a few mouse clicks you can delete all your posts. The way to shut your ID, but the impact is so bad, as disgusting as spam. There are times in a forum to see a way to promote the site is much better. It is a small site to provide employment and learning materials, their propaganda personnel will be all kinds of articles on the site made the link to the form, and put a good classification, posted on various forums, so as to bring convenience to some people in need, and not be too straightforward ads would be the propaganda effect is much better. If these data are posted to the forum in line with their own positioning of the appropriate forum, will be able to get a lot of hits.

three, blog alternative SEO this is what I see in the webmaster information forum, was really very creative, although

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