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Ali health, Ping An Group, rain doctors, registered net and one drug network in the healthcare industry ecosystem layout based on the Internet, why do they want to play the ecological chain? The business logic of the Internet Co is value oriented, to build ecological chain based on a new view on the relationship between business model and enterprise value:

if it is a tool for the application of /APP type enterprise, the valuation of up to $1 billion;

if it is a platform based enterprise, the valuation of $10 billion;

if the ecosystem type, the valuation can reach $100 billion.

Sina + micro-blog, NetEase, Ctrip, 360 are platform based companies, valuation is about $10 billion level; Tencent, Alibaba is ecosystem based companies, so it is one hundred billion u.s.. Many popular tools and APP, valued at $1 billion to the top.

to build ecological chain means the infinite imagination space, high valuations also have strong competitive ability, capable of forming enough deep moat. Buffett was a very famous investment philosophy, that is to invest with a moat company". BAT and Apple’s success is worth learning, a venture through the crisis period has been able to stabilize the operation of the enterprise, in order to have a stronger market resistance must be in line with their own ecological chain.

and nature, ecological forest, the sea and the atmosphere of this size, there are ecological ravine, ponds, such a small lawn. Health care industry is large enough to accommodate an ecological chain.

interpretation of the ecological chain

Apple pioneered the ecological chain. Jobs once said:

why Apple will offer users a better experience, because Apple is a company with full product system, hardware, software and operating system have, Apple has the experience for the user the ability to assume full responsibility, the ability to do many other companies to do things."

representative of the domestic ecological chain enterprises in addition to Tencent and Ali, millet nearly two years in the construction of the ecological chain is also quite embryonic form. Lei Jun said it would invest 100 companies to copy millet mode, millet transition from a single product breakthrough stage to build an ecological empire. Registered network CEO Liao Jieyuan said:

Tencent to reshape the communication ecological chain, the three operators into a corner to the retail restructuring; Ali ecological chain, all upstream and downstream enterprises are playing with him, others only lose money he earned; half an ecological chain millet, millet ecological only 45%, so the valuation is $45 billion."

ecological chain (ecosystem) comes from the biological world. "The biological ecosystem" includes non biological matter and energy, producer, consumer, decomposer, non biological as the external environment, producers, consumers and the decomposition of a closed loop

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