The first Taobao store suspected of selling fake last year was still operating 8 penalties

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in my drawer, lying a pile of cards: a restaurant discount card, a KTV membership card, a bank credit card…… But one of the cards, I think I will never be used again, although I also paid for it 5 yuan, the card is the name of "lemon green tea". In February 25th, Guangzhou Fang Chanel clothing company sued 4000 Taobao shop and selling a case in Wuhan court. In the sale of fake Fang Chanel brand Taobao shop list, the most concern is the "lemon Green Tea": the daily web browsing more than 500 thousand, with annual sales of over 100 million yuan, known as the first Taobao store.

refused to lemon green tea, from a failed online shopping. A few years ago, with a passion for online shopping I was attracted to the "lemon" Taobao Green Tea "golden crown", then do not hesitate to buy a few pieces of a foreign brand cosmetics, the first half of the year, did not run out of a bottle of sunscreen into a puddle of nausea "butter". At this point, half a year ago in his shop left the "praise" shake in front of me, like I laugh at the "naive"".

I am the only victim? No, absolutely not! Open any search engine, enter the "lemon Green Tea fakes", complaints are numerous, most people are attracted by its name, but only a lengthy tug of war in return. As the first Taobao shop once consumers, I very sad but helpless in the hundreds of thousands of people visit every day looking at the shop, in the end they finally buy is genuine or fake, who knows


talked about this, the problem will come. Why a suspected of selling fake products shop, in such a long period of time, not only did not close Xie, but because the "Matthew effect", a crown of "gold crown", "good shop model"

?In the case of

Fang Chanel, Taobao admitted that the "lemon Green Tea" does exist fake problem, but what is the punishment? According to reports, Taobao in 2010 of "lemon Green Tea" punished 8 times, including a ban on goods shelves, prohibited goods shelves, the new shop closed down for several days. A two mistake does not matter, why after 8 mistakes, "lemon Green Tea" can still be safe and sound in Taobao? According to this logic, the Sanlu milk powder must feel "too injustice", how did not give me a chance?

was originally used to allow buyers to rest assured that the credit rating system, has now changed the taste. Accustomed to shopping on Taobao buyers know, want to give a bad comment, is an easy thing. Buy fake? Can return, but the evaluation? Sorry, return not to enjoy this feature, so that one will never know how many people have done "cannon"; zirendaomei does not return, only for the dedication of a bad review? Sorry, your mobile phone number, Wangwang number, bank card number, home address…… The seller all know, do not want to receive "shit" express, don’t want to be in the middle of the night or customer service harassment, come back! Even if lucky for the return of the buyer, don’t bother you much.

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