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China is currently the rise of B2C for both traditional industries and high-tech enterprises is an opportunity, but this time more of the test is the ability of entrepreneurs to control. It is not difficult to find that in the past year, the venture capital (VC) sector invariably turned to the field of B2C, the domestic B2C companies in the last year, faced with collective outbreak".

by the international financial crisis, the international market demand, coupled with the anti-dumping on the European Union, Peru, and Moscow Cheel Guizo Wo off the market and other factors, China’s footwear exports began to decline since last year, a decline over the previous year deepened, exports of a first drop in ten years. This year’s footwear industry, due to the impact of the country’s overall macroeconomic regulation and control, the majority of entrepreneurs have said that the company’s market development to sound. Enterprises will focus on the optimization of the sales terminal, to clean up inventory, return the funds to maintain the stable operation of enterprises. With the gradual emergence of the current economic crisis, many of the traditional sales channels can survive on the basis of the enterprise, under pressure began to focus on other sales channels, especially the internet.

like online shopping more and more young people, as long as a little mouse, you can complete a transaction, both convenient and affordable. Consumer online shopping involves commodity rich and colorful a superb collection of beautiful things. Including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, home, digital products, etc.. It also forced the site to a more professional development, so that consumers in the choice of not blind. I have learned that there is a website called shoes shoes network, is a professional B2C authentic shoes sales site, specifically on the Internet for these needs to clean up inventory, return the funds to sell shoes shoes. Because the shoe is only selling shoes, so professional is relatively strong, so when people talk about online shopping shoes will be more choice to beat the shoe network and no longer Taobao. Professional sites like this in today’s more and stronger, split online shopping market, Taobao had to transition, the transfer of the target for the development of specialization. Taobao.com from C2C to B2C, neither "traditional" or "cutting-edge" B2C industry has now become a hot Internet bigwigs talk.

we can see in the traditional retail industry, consumer demand is multi-level, some people are shopping, some people are shopping, some people want to stroll around the store, with the expansion of Internet users, especially the ability to pay the audience, people are more willing to try a new way of shopping. But no one online retailers can put all the user needs are met, all this is not going to happen.

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